Sending less employee email Hero_200218

You’re sending too much internal email. 

You know it. We know it. Your employees know it.

But the stakes are much higher than you might think. 

Sending too much internal email is much more serious than just annoying employees, or hurting your primary comms channel (which, don’t get us wrong, are definitely not good.)

When you’re sending too much internal email, employees will just start ignoring your emails and missing your most important messages. Worse yet, studies show that email overload can significantly impact stress levels and productivity, which can lead to some serious long-term problems for you, your employees, and your organization. 

So before you hit send on another company-wide email, sign up for this webinar and learn our proven, step-by-step process to reduce internal email in your organization and strengthen the impact of your email communications. 

Watch the webinar and learn how to:

check-box-60px Bundle content and design emails that employees want to read
check-box-60px Convince leadership and other departments to send less email
check-box-60px Develop a data-driven internal email strategy
check-box-60px Increase the effectiveness of your email channel