What if you could measure what portion of employees glanced at, skimmed, or actually read your internal newsletters and other emails? And what if you could see exactly where they were clicking, and how they were engaging?

Email engagement data is the not-so-secret weapon to driving real change in organizations and strategically improving how we communicate with employees.

Watch this webinar and learn how Read Time and Clickmaps will give you more insight into your communications than you've ever had before.


Watch this webinar to learn:

check-box-60px How Read Time and Clickmaps collect data on employee emails sent through Outlook
check-box-60px What insights you can uncover about your communications with Read Time data
check-box-60px Actionable tips and creative ideas to get employees reading longer and engaging more with your emails





Your hosts:

Travis Bonnough

Travis is the Customer Success Manager at Bananatag and his singular focus is on supporting internal communicators in the pursuit of their professional mic-drop moment.

Andrew Benes

Andrew is Bananatag's Product Marketing Manager. He primarily works on educating communicators on the value of new products, and highlighting the success of our amazing customers. In his spare time, Andrew can be found in the DJ booth or cycling through the busy streets of Vancouver.