Every communicator could use a little help. Including you.


You’re busy, busy, very busy. Even though you know the value of being strategic, you don’t have time. Your comms are reactive, the work is piling up, and you never feel like you can get ahead.

So how are you supposed to develop communication goals and strategies that will impress leadership or help you move forward in your career?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Learn how the people of Bananatag work one-on-one with communicators from the world’s most famous brands to drive positive change in their day-to-day workflow, develop internal email strategies that actually work, and impress leadership.


 Join us and learn how we help communicators like you:

check-box-60px Shave hours off of your workload every week
check-box-60px Collect and analyze data that leadership has been asking you for
check-box-60px Prove the value of your communications activities to the entire organization
check-box-60px Improve communication at every level of your organization

Our Speakers:


Travis Bonnough, Manager of Customer Success

No one at Bananatag has worked with as many customers as our ah-may-zing Customer Success manager Travis. And every single one of those customers will tell you how much they love him. That’s because his singular focus is supporting internal communicators in the pursuit of their professional mic-drop moment. He’s famous with our customers and a key player in our efforts to make all of our customers look like rockstars in their organization.


Alex Naumov, Onboarding Specialist

Over 150 of our customers have had the distinct pleasure of working with our stellar Onboarding Specialist, Alex. He’s responsible for rolling out the welcome mat for new customers and making sure they are set up for success. For 3-5 months at a time, he helps new customers understand and use Bananatag’s tools to their fullest capacity, set and achieve communication goals, and gets them up to speed with best practices. Our customers will tell you success is spelled A-L-E-X.


Romina Rooney, Manager, Account Management

Communicators at the world’s most famous brands have found a friend and confidant in Romina. Part best friend, part coach, Romina has taken care of over 100 of Bananatag’s biggest clients. Now she’s leading our team of account managers and showing them her ways.


Ashley Schuster, Onboarding Specialist

Though she is the newest member of our onboarding team, Ashley has over a decade of customer success and project management experience. This makes her the perfect person to empower communicators through the onboarding process and train them, not only on Banantag’s great tools, but also provide insight on industry best practices. It’s only been four months but Ashley has personally already helped 40 Bananatag customers build effective communication strategies, and she’s just getting started!


Erica Goodwin, Global Communications Manager, Heifer International

Erica Goodwin, friend and client of Bananatag, is the Global Communications Manager at Heifer International, a global nonprofit working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based community development. With a 20-year career in communications, Erica is on a mission to put employees first by discovering the best ways to implement employee communications and drive engagement in the workplace.