Diversity and inclusion matters. 

And not just to your company’s bottom line.

When we make our workplaces more diverse, inclusive, and empathetic, we’re not only fueling innovation and productivity, we’re helping make work more meaningful and connected.

But having conversations about gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, physical and mental ability, and the magnitude of other things that make us all unique isn’t always easy. Especially in the work environment.

Communicators are now playing a pivotal role in how D&I initiatives are implemented and received, with the added responsibility of making sure internal communications are accessible and inclusive.

So, how well do your communications foster belonging in your organization?

We invited three D&I experts to answer all of your questions about diversity and inclusion, while showing you what it means to be a good ally in your organization.

Watch the webinar and learn:

check-box-60px The role and power of communications in facilitating diversity & inclusion
check-box-60px Why D&I programs fail and who they are failing
check-box-60px How to get leaders and managers to be proactive about D&I



Our Host:

Adam Brayford, SCMP

Adam Brayford is the current IABC British Columbia President, a certified Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP), winner of the CRPS National Award, a 3-time IABC Gold Quill Award winner, a communications awards submission judge, and Bananatag’s very first in-house communications professional. With a background in Higher Education, Technology, Non-profit, in-house communications, consulting, hosting and speaking, Adam Brayford is obsessed with masterfully blending strategy and creativity in communications.


Our Panelists:

Kamna Narain

As an internal communications advisor and consultant, Kamna is a thought partner for companies seeking a different perspective in order to manage change, engage employees and approach “communications as usual” with a fresh, innovative vision and strategy. Kamna’s 25 years of experience spans companies of varying sizes, including start-ups, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 15 corporations. In both in-house internal communications roles and as a consultant, Kamna has partnered with HR and D&I departments on internal brand-building, diversity leadership training, and employee resource group event marketing. She offers a unique perspective by pulling on her own experience as a disabled woman of color in the business world.


Dr. Leeno Karumanchery

A sociologist with 25+ years of experience in the D&I field, Dr. Leeno Karumanchery is recognized as one of North America's preeminent diversity and inclusion experts. As an author, he has published Playing the Race Card (2004), Engaging Equity (2005) and the forthcoming The Old Black Lesbian Elephant in the Room: Why Diversity Does and Doesn’t Work in Organizations (2020). Leeno is sought out as much for his style as a facilitator as he is for his proven track record of helping leaders leverage D&I to drive both culture and the bottom-line. As the Chief Diversity officer of MESH/diversity, Leeno helps build organizational cultures where the best people want to work, will stay and can thrive.


Kim Clark

Throughout her career, Kim has focused on messaging, audiences and how communications shape people's experience of inclusion and belonging. After producing several documentaries, she entered corporate cultures at KLA, PayPal, NetApp, and GoDaddy, and has taken full advantage of the various mediums to engage employees and facilitate transparency and trust in organizations. She is most known for coaching and training communicators to help them take a proactive role in becoming conscious communicators to foster inclusion in the workplace and help communicators and leaders feel equipped to design communication strategies and teams for belonging.