bt build community webinar

Digital workplace communities have now become the primary channels for building culture and connection at work.

Over the past year, organizations have scrambled to replicate workplaces online to keep their employees connected and productive while working from home.

But the quick fixes implemented in March 2020 are now cracking under the pressure of prolonged isolation, economic and social uncertainty, and technological hurdles.

And now it’s falling on internal communication professionals to start developing more long-term, scalable, and manageable solutions for building digital communities at work. 

Watch and learn in this candid discussion about the importance of digital community building at work, how they influence employee engagement, and how to connect the value of these networks to your organization's business goals.

Watch the webinar and learn how to:

check-box-60px Connect and engage employees in a remote-first workplace
check-box-60px Strategize and build an online workplace community
check-box-60px Demonstrate the value of these communities during COVID and beyond





Kyla Sims
Content Strategy Manager at Bananatag

Kyla is Bananatag's sharp-shootin' word-slinger, who's got a huge crush on internal communicators. This year she helped Bananatag build their first ever digital community for internal communication professionals, Comms-unity. With over 800 members, Comms-unity is now a bustling hub for IC pros from around the world to share experiences, advice, and network.


Tony Stewart
Head of Digital, scarlettabbott

Weaving together his expertise in collaboration, community and communication, Tony
Stewart joins the digital dots to find solutions that solve employee engagement challenges for major brands across the globe.

From apps to chatbots, social media platforms to enterprise social networks, Tony surfaces and translates the business benefit through a deep understanding of both message and medium.