Don't be scared! Watch along as our panel of experts and a live audience share their most frightful internal comms stories, and ask and answer the most terrifying questions in communications.

For our third live ChuckChats webinar, we invited three IC superheroes to teach us internal comms tricks that will make your communications a real treat for employees and leadership.


Watch the webinar and learn:

check-box-60px The scariest mistakes you can make in communications and how to avoid them
check-box-60px The masks and roles you need to embody to get more influence with leadership
check-box-60px Trick-or-treat Q&A: our panel shares their go-to communications tricks



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Our Host:

Chuck Gose

You may remember him as the hard-hitting host of our ChuckChats series or recognize him as the ultimate procurer of GIFs on Twitter (@ChuckGose). Chuck is also a Strategic Advisor at SocialChorus, founder of ICology and host of its associated podcast, and co-creator of Elements of IC.


Our Guests:

Alan Oram

As the Creative Director of Alive with Ideas, Alan Oram has been creatively supporting organizations of all sizes to create attention-grabbing communications and powerful campaigns for over 20 years. With a specialty in making mundane communications magical, Alan has extensive experience delighting internal and external audiences with a variety of mediums, including print, digital, events, and environments. He is also co-founder of the Elements of IC and the co-creator of The Very Hungry Communicator.


Kristin Hancock

With over 10 years of experience in non-profit and health care, Kristin keeps her fabulously shoed feet busy by running her own communications firm. Kristin’s passion has fuelled her to create meaningful impact for organizations like Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Wish Foundation. Besides being the most fun person we know, Kristin holds a unique perspective on work, life, and how human connection improves both.


Elisabeth Wang

Elisabeth Wang is the Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations at Piedmont Healthcare and chair of the PRSA Employee Communications Section. She is an industry leader who specializes in change management communications, as well as leads all aspects of internal and external communications, media and PR for an organization with 18,300 employees.