How do you connect employees who speak different languages and work on opposite sides of the world?

Creating communications that resonate with employees from around the world is a difficult undertaking. Maintaining a strong employer brand across cultures and borders is complex, and requires a level of empathy, understanding, and creativity that would challenge any communicator. 

But as organizations grow and our internal communications become global, we risk alienating our colleagues abroad if we don’t step up and embrace the task of making our communications accessible and inclusive for every employee, regardless of their location. 

So where do you start?

We invited three expert panelists to answer questions about communicating to a global workforce, and show you how to deliver relevant and impactful messages to employees in any country or culture.

Watch the webinar and learn how to:

check-box-60px Create inclusive and relevant communications for every employee
check-box-60px Send communications around the world with confidence that they will resonate
check-box-60px Maintain a strong employer brand, no matter where in the world you’re located



Our Host:

Chuck Gose

You may recognize him as the hard-hitting host of our ChuckChats series, or possibly as the ultimate procurer of GIFs on Twitter (@ChuckGose). Chuck is also a Strategic Advisor at SocialChorus, founder of ICology and host of its associated podcast, and co-creator of Elements of IC.


Our Guests:

Jenni Field

With over 15 years of experience in communications, Jenni Field specializes in helping organisations shift from chaos to calm. As a Chartered Practitioner, co-founder of The IC Crowd, and the Director and Founder of Redefining Communications, she has solved some of the most challenging communication problems for global organisations across industries including defence, advertising, and hospitality. Jenni is also the CIPR President-Elect and a vocal member of the communications community.


Mike Klein

Mike Klein is a Netherlands-based writer, researcher, and communicator, with over 20 years of internal communications experience. He runs his own consultancy, Changing The Terms, where he helps organisations focus on how to make the most of developing trends to deliver more effective communication strategies and content. Mike has an MBA from London Business School and internal communications experience with global organisations including Shell, Maersk, Cargill, VEON, easyJet, Barclays, Omnicom, Vodafone, Avery Dennison, and the US federal government.


Tracy Chambers

As the manager of Corporate Communications at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tracy Chambers prides herself on being an advocate for employees. In her work, she is focused on driving employee engagement, developing creative and impactful content, creating strategic messaging timelines, and fostering a sense of community between offices across the globe. She communicates with 10,000 employees globally and has worked with other notable organizations, including TOMS, Dollar Shave Club, AEG, and CBS Radio.