Start sending slick, high-performing internal emails with our practical advice on how to communicate with clarity through good email design.

Watch our webinar and we’ll also give you five free downloadable HTML templates built for the core internal emails you need to send.

We used the Bananatag Email Designer to build our email templates for Outlook, with templates and design principles that can be applied to any internal email platform.




In this webinar you'll learn

  • Creative design techniques that work for internal email
  • Tactics for creating effective internal newsletters, alerts and leadership comms
  • How to use a mobile-first approach that ensures employees can access your comms
  • How to create consistency across the various emails you send



Hosted by


chris_profile_bw.pngChris Wagner

Chris is marketing lead and co-founder of Bananatag. Bananatag provides easy-to-use email tracking software and email design tools for internal communications teams.


andrew_profilepic_webinar.pngAndrew Benes

Andrew is Bananatag’s Marketing Communications Manager and has been a lead on a variety of design projects, including the internal email templates covered in this webinar.