As an internal communications professional, does your salary reflect the value you bring to your organization?

Are you being compensated fairly when compared to others in your industry and country, with similar job responsibilities and experience?

Whether you’re looking for a job in internal communications, negotiating a salary increase, or just curious about how the value of internal comms pros is compensated, this report can help you understand your value and how to make more money

We’re anonymously surveying internal communicators about their compensation and its relationship to other variables (like industry, gender, experience, and more) so we can surface insights that you can use to get paid what you deserve.

Internal communications professionals are notoriously undervalued in organizations and we’re over it. It’s time to elevate the profession by introducing more salary transparency and compensation benchmarking to the industry.

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*We’re currently running the survey. The report should be released by September 2021, but make sure to sign up so you’re the first to know when the report goes live.