Email audit tool

You know that employees hate getting poorly designed, irrelevant emails from the organization piling up in their inboxes. 

You know that email overload can seriously damage your most important and accessible internal communication channel.

So why are you still sending so much internal email?

Most of the time, you don’t have a choice:

  • Leadership, managers, and other departments feel like they know better and want an email for everything.
  • You’re so busy that you’re in reaction mode and don’t have time to develop an email channel strategy that could make things better.
  • You don’t have the engagement data you need to prove specific emails are ineffective.

So before you hit send on another company-wide email, download our internal email audit template and start gathering the evidence you need to stop email overload in your organization.

This template will help you:

  • Find opportunities to decrease the number of emails and increase their effectiveness

  • Collaborate with different departments on an internal email strategy

  • Convince leadership and other departments to send fewer emails