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Every communication you send matters.

Whether it's an letter from the CEO, a company-wide newsletter, or a update to your work-from-home policy, you need to make sure that employees read, understand, and trust the information you're sending out.

With Bananatag you can easily send on-brand, interactive communications that resonate with employees, while collecting the insights you need to fuel your business objectives and advise leadership. 


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Create on-brand, fully-responsive, professional internal emails while collaborating in real-time with your team, ending back-and-forth approval chains. Create dynamic distribution lists, so you can reach the right employees with the right messages, increase engagement, and stop internal email overload. Know exactly what, when, where, and if employees are reading your crucial messages, while tracking sentiment and collecting valuable pulse survey data.


Over 550 industry-leading organizations rely on Bananatag to keep employees connected and engaged.



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